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About our company

GemAbout is a big online knowledge store organization the mission of which is to facilitate the student. This institute will teach free knowledge to the student who endeavours to learn and wants to acquire knowledge online. As well as teaching knowledge, it will provide you with a fun environment. If you do not find the answer to your question on this website, you can easily get the answer to your question by contacting our tutor. I have created this website for you and I want Pakistan to be at the forefront of development. You have to support me in this mission and make it the best website in the world.

Get knowledge even if you have to go to China that is the command of our Beloved Nabi Mohammad Peace be upon him.

Introduction of GemAbout Teachers

These are the invaluable Assets of GemAbout

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Sana Iram CEO

My name is SanaIram but my nickname is Gem. I have associated my organization with my name. I have an acquaintance of website developing, web designing and SEO, Shortly, I have specialized in IT. I will give you free education on GemAbout platform. After listening to my lecture, you will be eligible for an online job and you will be capable to easily earn money at home. I will educate you with the smart and standard way that will brighten your future.

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Usama Ali Zia Business Management

Usama Ali Zia has expertise in Management and has been teaching subjects of Business Management and Finance for a couple of years. He has been serving both on the board and off the show at different reputable platforms regarding these subjects. Currently he is providing his services to GEM ABOUT. We are honored to have such a qualified, professional and experienced mentor among us. We hope you will surely benefit from his valuable knowledge and experience. He will teach subjects related to Business Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management .

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M . Umar Farooq Mathematician

Muhammad Umar Farooq Bs Mathematics. He is from Pakistan. He has a number of years of experience and expertise in • Basic Algebra & Trigonometry • Analytical Geometry • Calculus • Multivariable Calculus • Differential Calculus • Discrete Mathematic • Statistics He has been working on different popular platforms regarding these subjects. presently, he is performing his services to GEM ABOUT. He has been teaching all these courses with considerable excellence and in a professional manner.